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Sell my camera.

Note: The Gadget Recycler has stopped operating as of 01/12/2013. We are keeping the website live as the site is currently being auctioned. Please refer to for more details.

Are you a budding photographer and like to upgrade and buy new cameras like some people buy disposable ones? Perhaps you only take photographs with your phone now and never ever use your old camera anymore?

If so, why not make some easy money from selling it to use – if you are never likely to use it again then make some good money instead. We will buy any camera and at good competitive prices too!



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The Procedure
Once you have agreed to the amount we have quoted you simply place your order with us. You then package up your camera securely, we advise using padded envelopes, or bubble wrap or simply pack the envelope with cut up newspaper and post to our FREEPOST address (if a courier is required for larger cameras then let us know).

Once we receive your camera safely and securely we can then proceed to make our payment to you through the payment method you have selected!

If you have any questions then simply drop us an email on or give us a call on 0800 644 2015 and we will do our best to help you. It would be great to hear from you.

Can I sell my Camera in any condition then? Yes – we recondition cameras to resell them so your camera will either be repaired or just used for its various components so there is always a reason why we will buy your old cameras – they always have a use to us.

Can I sell my Camera without the box? Yes – we know that people do not always keep the box so we would still buy your camera without its’ original packaging.

Can I sell my Camera without a charger? Yes – if your camera is one that is chargeable we would still buy the camera from you although the amount we may offer you would be slightly less than we would for a camera with its charger.

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